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Well, I'm so excited to have released my new single: Clock Patience and performed it in sets at the Unitarian Church, Cambridge and the Bedford in London. I am now taking time to update the website and re-connect with old friends. Every day has its creative inspirations. With Autumn comes the gentle warmth and energy of the harvest and the soothing russets of the changing leaves. We are blessed with an Indian Summer and hoping it lasts. On the writing front, I'm thinking of finishing some unfinished songs and writing some poetry. Other creative tasks to inspire me will be doing some sewing, photography and illustration.

Upcoming Radio broadcasts:

Radio broadcast of Clock Patience on Vibe Radio: Vibe 107.6FM

On the Raw Vibes programme this Sunday 12th September 2021 between 7pm and 9pm

Radio broadcast on Soham Radio: Wednesday Oct 27th at 7 pm in the 'HERE WE ARE" section of Stuart Green's "Folk Club" Show

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